The Nature of Wolves – #01 Reality vs Myth

The Nature of Wolves
#01 Reality vs Myth

The wolf is endangered. In what remains of Celtic territory today they are extinct. They were wiped out by hunters and this is continuing throughout the world today. Through ignorance, fear and misinformation wolves are seen by many as a danger to humans. However, there are so few documented attacks to back this up. In fact, wolves are more likely to avoid humans if they see them.

Admittedly, there are rare cases of wolves attacking, and even killing humans. But here are some things to keep in mind: –

  • These attacks are very rare isolated cases

  • Many of these attacks involve wolves that were rabid (a rabid squirrel will also attack humans) or sick

  • Other wolf attacks on humans happened because the wolf had grown too accustomed to humans, often because someone was feeding the wolf.

In North America there are just two documented fatal attacks by wolves in recent times. The first in Northern Saskatechewan in 2005 was because the victim had been feeding the wolves regularly and they had lost their fear of people. The second in 2010 was when a woman was found dead in Alaska after being attacked by wolves. To put these figures into perspective, the National Canine Research Council in the same areas confirmed 41 fatal dog attacks in 2014 and 32 verified fatalities in 2013.

The wolf is a creature of instinct and hunting. It has more in common with humankind than we care to admit. They are the ancestors of all domestic dogs.

Yellowstone Park has been transformed back into an eco-paradise following the reintroduction of grey Wolves in 1995. For the last few years Scotland is looking at reintroducing wolves and onyx. Others are being protected by conservation projects.

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