Astrology – Science or Art?

How would you define Astrology?

Would you define it as a science or as an art?

My thoughts are this, to be a good Astrologer you have to be aware of the movements of the Sun, moon and planets between the constellations. This is also what Astronomers do. I think that interpretation is both an art and a science.

By training and observation you can recognise people by their birth star sign. The Sun is the most influential of the heavenly bodies. The Moon is the second most influential. The Sun is our source of energy in the solar system and provider of life. The Moon exerts power over the tides, so why not on our development?

These interpretations are both an art and a science. You can look at famous people who were born around the same time of year and from observation, notice personality traits. Since science is observational, this is a scientific process.

It is also an art. Some people are born with the gift of interpretation or develop it through years of study.

Nearly all ancient religions contained Astrology. It seems strange that modern Christians reject Astrology, when the Bible is full of it.

“You will see signs in the Moon and Stars”.

“The morning star will rise”.

In Ezekiel, it describes wheels within wheels and four beings that we can identify with the cardinal signs of the ancient zodiac, starting with the Bull (Taurus, or Ba’al). In Vedic Astrology of the East they recognise that every 74 years the Sun moves 1 degree back through the zodiac, so this dates the book of Ezekiel back over 4000 years.

So later on, the Greeks placed Aries as the first cardinal sign, because at the spring Equinox the Sun at that time was in Aries. However, over 2000 years on the Equinox begins with the Sun in 3 degrees Pisces and soon will be in Aquarius. Modern tropical Astrology, however, doesn’t move the signs, even though the ancients did.

It is only in modern times too that the movements of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have been considered in Astrology. The visible five planets were all named after Gods and with the Sun and Moon were assigned days of the week.

In the development of alchemy, each of these 7 planetary bodies were connected with elements, with Saturn representing lead (considered as the restrictions laid upon us) and the Sun gold (the ultimate goal of self actualisation).

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