The Resonation Within

A few days ago, I was in a Celtic Spiritual shop called ‘Believe’ in Youghal, county Cork. I go in there now and again to have a chat with the owner who is involved in Youghals ‘Ban Uisce’ festival which is held every Samhain  for the past number of years, alt may not go ahead due to the global pandemic but talks are in progress to comply with the Irish Government guidelines. It’s a great family weekend out in the medieval town and my family has enjoyed it as a tradition that we have. I had a browse and something just stood out and for a better description ‘sang to me internally’. It was a beautiful detailed statuette of the triple goddess aspect.

One of the main Irish archetypes that I internalise as part of my personal decompressions is the Goddess Brighid of the Forge and her Triple Aspects of Lasair ( flame)/Imbolg/cailín na neamhchiontachta(girl of innocence),Inghné Bhuídhe ( yellow hair in old Irish)/Béaltaine/máthair thorthúil(fertile mother) and Latiaran/Lúgnasagdh/Cailleach(wisewoman). Samhain is represented by the sheaf and an Dagda’s cauldron of plenty. The tree to me is hazel, an crann Coll, representing life and wisdom (you may think it is oak but that is up to you). The base is circular and the back of the tree is detailed but has nothing there. Or is it a symbol of a new beginning in the cycle of nature and the nature within? To me it is. To you, the reader, it may mean something completely different and personal to you and this brings me to the title. Resonations of within.

With the advent of the world wide web, we have access at the touch of a key to a vast array of endless libraries as well people who give advice both good and bad depending on your perspective. Your paradigm/personal philosophy/spiritual path is the road that only you can walk for yourself. What resonates from information and knowledge that you gain as you progress makes you grow as an individual. Always ask for advice but choose on a rational level what works best for you. There are many out there who want you to believe and think as they do ( the Abrahamic faiths are the best example of this but it also occurs in other religious/philosophical organisations as well). If you don’t do as they say then you are out creates a herd like mentality and stifles your personal growth. The way I see it is that if some aspect feels right to you then go for it. This aids in the decompression/ritual  as then you have no doubts when internalising/invoking your personal archetype(s). If it doesn’t feel right then the whole decompression/ritual becomes a sham and becomes a total waste of effort.

If something resonates with you, it sings out to you and you are listening internally. Never ignore it.Go raibh maith agat as do chuid ama ag léamh an phíosa seo agus éist amach don cheol.

Seán Ó Tuama


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