Celtic Christian Druids

Celtic Christian Gravestones

A lot of people assume that because I am a pagan Druid I am anti Christian. Nothing could be further than the truth. The Bible is actually a great resource and the passages in the book of Colossians about “love” are some of the greatest descriptions of love ever written.

Let’s face it, all ancient writings contain a mixture of chaos and order. We can see how society changed from the war mongering Hebrews who killed every man, woman and child at Jericho to the later civilisation that were held in Babylonian captivity and influenced by the Persians, Greeks and Romans.

The sad thing about fundamentalist Christians is that they concentrate too much on the judgmental parts and tend to skip the parts on “unconditional love”, “judge and be judged” and ignoring sins of adultery, whilst condemning entire groups of people as gross sinners.

However, many, many Christians are NOT like that. They run soup kitchens for the poor, they send aid to Africa and the developing world. In my home town, one church started off the very first food bank, which grow un number each year. I love these people and other religious groups that do similar.

I don’t think the vocal minority represent Christians as a whole and most are kind and considerate.

If you are interested in both Druids and Christianity there needn’t be a conflict.

The attached link takes you into a rich resource of material that may interest you. Whether you are pagan or Christian, you are welcome to the Order of Celtic Wolves.

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