Looking back and forward

As one year draws to a close, it is a great time to reflect on both your achievements and failures of the past year.

What are you most proud of? and what are you most ashamed of?

What are you strengths and weaknesses? In a year of great pressure and living in bubbles we have all exposed both. Some of us have adapted extremely well, whilst others have been badly affected mentally, physically and spiritually. We’ve probably all had our ups and downs.

Loneliness has been extremely difficult for many. Livelihoods of many have been put in jeopardy. Businesses have closed, whilst jobs in the health sectors and care have become new vocations for many.

Sadly many people have suffered losses and have moved on into the next life. It is the ones left behind who suffer though and it has been a year of grief.

Remember, you are never alone in your suffering and the majority of people have shown great adaptability and resilience during 2020.

Many people actually do care for others, although social media can be a vicious, cruel place. Sometimes we say something that we later regret, maybe a comment or a post. It takes great humility to apologise and delete unintentional hurtful comments. Sadly, some prominent, famous, respected proud figures would rather dig themselves a bigger hole than apologise. Pride certainly comes before a fall.

Let us always exercise kindness and acceptance. We aren’t here to pass judgment on any gender, sexuality, faith, ethnicity, disability or addictions. To do so may elevate ourselves in our own eyes at the expense of others. However, we would lose total respect by the majority of people.

Personally I like New Year resolutions, but resolutions need to be an ongoing thing, reviewed and revised throughout the year. Set achievable, but realistic goals for yourself.

But most of all, have a happy, healthy and fulfilling New Year. Thank you for supporting this site in 2020.

I want to bring you more lessons in 2021, with a personal of objective to complete the course and have accredited Bards, Vates and Druids and move us forward.

Filtiarn x

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