The Paleo Diet

Obesity is a modern day problem that leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease and kidney problems. Eating certain additives have been linked to cancer. One way or another it will kill you.

How do I know? Because I have had to change my own lifestyle because I am prediabetic, with stage 1 hypertension and non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Now I didn’t particularly think I had an unhealthy diet. I had cereal in the morning, bread and soup at lunch, and an evening meal with potatoes, rice or pasta, vegetables and meat or fish. I would also have a dessert afterwards.

I have 3 issues in my diet. Too many carbohydrates and too much processed food (tinned soup, prepared Kiev, etc.). I discovered that a cooked breakfast (without toast) is actually better for you than a wheat cereal, although oat based cereal is a lot better for you.

I was recommended a book by my family doctor called The Obesity Code by Jason Fung. Now I’m not a dietician, but he certainly has helped me start on the road to recovery. He recommends fasting days. That doesn’t mean you don’t eat anything, but you have a drink in the morning, clear broth for lunch and a light salad in the evening. The following day you might have porridge, bacon and eggs, and a delicious meal with vegetables.

However, the main thing about the diet is that it cuts out carbohydrates. Our ancestors will have eaten wheat, but most bread is made from refined, processed flour these days and is basically bad for your body to break down. Rice, potatoes and pasta also are high in carbohydrates. It is these, not natural fats that put on weight.

The paleo diet

Berries and nuts are also a great way to start the day. A paleo diet is basically going back to the foodstuffs available in ancient times. Also, use herbs like sage and time for seasoning. There were fasting days in ancient Ireland, with weekdays set aside for fasting: –

• Dé Luain – from Latin dies Lunae – Moon Day
• Dé Máirt – from Latin dies Martis – Mars Day
• Dé Céadaoin – referring to Gaelic fasting: from céad (first) aoin (fast) i.e., the first
fast of the week
• Déardaoin – the day between the fasts
• Dé hAoine – the day of the fast
• Dé Sathairn – from Latin dies Saturni – Saturn Day
• Dé Domhnaigh – from Latin dies Dominicus (an alternative Latin name for
Sunday, dies Solis being more common)

So, as you can see fasting was an important part of Irish Celts and probably all Celts. Considering the scarcity of food too, it was probably a necessity.

I’m not dictating how people eat, but I am not ready to shorten my life, so am serious about losing weight. So I am go on a low carbohydrate diet of proteins, vegetables and fruits, berries and nuts. But cutting out processed food, bread, pasta and rice. I’m hoping that it turns my health around.

May you live a long, healthy and happy life.

Filtiarn x

One thought on “The Paleo Diet

  1. I am in the same situation – just have porridge with berries and nuts for breakfast, a smoothie with 6 fruit & veg, protein spirulina & hawthorn powder for lunch & healthy dinner with protein. It is amazing how soon blood pressure and weight come down when I stick to this. Sugar is poison.

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