The Way Ahead

Sean and myself have been looking at the success of the Order of Celtic Wolves and it is indeed something to celebrate.

Sometimes, though, you have to look at what works for our members and what doesn’t. Then evaluate what direction we go in. This is a natural process and, indeed, as time goes own, an Order takes on a gestalt personality.

We have discussed the lessons and found that people lose interest and may find them laborious to work through. They are also a great investment of our time and, rather than putting together and researching a lesson that takes ages to put together, it is far easier to put out bite sized chunks.

We have experimented with this recently and found the bite sized articles get far more interest and views than the large pdf lessons. So have decided that this is the direction we should take.

Don’t worry, we’ve no plans to remove the lessons that are there at the moment, but a lot of the material will be published in bite sized chunks.

When I created the Order of Celtic Wolves I had no idea how successful it would be, or how it would resonate with so many people. We are so grateful for all the contributions on the Facebook group and ask that you continue to participate.

In fact, if you want to write an article for us, we are more than happy to publish it on our Web page, which is shared on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. All our posts are shareable. We are not a secret society, neither do we think a path should be exclusive, but open to EVERYONE who is interested.

Sometimes, when you put too much structure into something, it feels forced, like it has to rigidly stick to a theme. By having educational and posts about experiences (which Sean excels at), along with selected tales from Celtic Mythology, poems and submissions we suddenly enter a realm where possibilities are endless.

It is our hope that you will, eventually, form groups around the world and meet up. You are free to use things you have learned on here and we will post up rituals, that you can copy and change to suit you. Think of the Order of Celtic Wolves as a framework, an inspiration to help you achieve your spiritual goals, connect with nature and honour the ancestors.

I know we originally planned to set up reviews and you could apply to be recognised as a Bard, Vate or Druid in the OCE. However, who are we to make such assignments? Who decides who is qualified to do these roles? It is a personal decision and it is YOUR personal path, not that of any organisation.

At the outset, I said that a spiritual journey has to be one that fulfills the needs of an individual. When you start becoming too structured and introducing rules, you run the danger of crossing the line between someone taking the lead in providing spiritual inspiration and cult leader. There is nothing wrong about being a leader, but the goal should always be to help others become leaders rather than be someone who controls.

Setting up groups can be daunting, so feel free to ask how others have done it. Contact us using the links on this page and thank you for your continued support.




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