Seoda Ársa Iarthar Chontae Phort Láirge

Ancient Treasures of West County Waterford

I have already shown you a picture of a map of East Cork/West Waterford with heritage sites mapped out, that I received last Bealtaine in the post Imrama agus Imbas ag an Bealtaine – Home | Order of Celtic Wolves ( Last year, I went on a holiday to Tramore with my best friend and we brought along the families. It is a typical seaside holiday town with a large coastline, large themed swimming pool, late opening funfair, a slot machine hall, horse racing track, old style fish and chip shops, etc. etc. I could go on but if you are familiar with Blackpool in England then you get the idea. My buddy and his family love this type of thing and he has a passion for pop culture with a large collection he amassed over the years. The four girls were in their element (both young and old). Across from the hotel, there is a carpark and, in the carpark, there is a sign which I found unusual to find in this funfair orientated tourist spot. Titled “The Dolmen Drive”.

It’s a good spot as it will capture the attention of those who have interest in the local history or prehistory in this case. Unfortunately I did not get the time to go to even one of them as I knew my friend and his family would not enjoy it like myself and my little seoíge would. Fortunately, I am returning to Tramore later in the Summer after the Grianstad, and then I will take time out to visit some but hopefully all of these. Here is a list and links of some of them.

Knockeen Dolmen

Knockeen Dolmen, Waterford (

Gaulstown Dolmen

Visit Gaulstown Dolmen with Discover Ireland

Ballymote/Ballymoat Standing Stone

Ballymoat Standing Stone, Waterford (

Matthewstown Passage Tomb

Matthewstown Passage Tomb (

Ballynageeragh Dolmen which has been somewhat repaired in the 1940’s

Ballynageeragh Dolmen (

Upper Dunhill Dolmen

Dunhill Portal Tomb, Waterford (

Dromlohar Standing Stones (you need to remember that this is a reconstruction as some of the 5th ogham stones, suggesting that burials continued up to this time, were taken from their original site and used in constructing a nearby church centuries later.)

Megalithic Ireland

There is another site that is not mentioned in the ‘ring’ and that is this one which boasts of a rare Irish tomb architecture which is the tomb at Ballynamona which is the only court cairn in the southeast of Ireland. It is also only one of four known to exist south of a line from Dundalk to Galway. Ballynamona Court Cairn in County Waterford is the only court cairn in the southeast. The name comes from the fact that this type of tomb usually has a courtyard area found at the entrance to the chambers. Of the court -originally 7 metres wide and 6 metres deep – only a few of the large orthostats remain, but the gallery, on the other hand, is well preserved. The entrance is marked by two very small jambs set inside the front edges of the wall slabs which form the gallery. A single slab divides the gallery into two separate chambers.

I hope in the near future to share with you my personal photos of these when I eventually get to visit them. Go raibh maith agaibh as do chuid ama a ghlacadh ag léamh an aiste ghearr seo agus as féachaint ar na seoda ársa seo.

Le meas,

Seán Ó Tuama.


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